Thursday, 19 October 2017

Social Studies

Nuclear weapons are great so is nuclear power US will lead the world in nuclear products like nuclear warship and nuclear bombs but new zealand is not going with nuclear weapons they going nuclear free what are they going to use to defend themselves if there was a nuclear war  
New zealand became nuclear free in 1987, No one is allowed to have nuclear in new zealand or inside New zealand's border, if they come into New zealand the New zealand navy will get them to leave.
Every step of the nuclear cycle is dangerous and polluting.
Having nuclear powered vessels or nuclear weapons in new zealand raises the risk of an accident

Where did they test bomb:Aktobe kazakhstan Balapan Semipalatinsk  

When did they test the bomb: 1987 december.

What type of bomb: It was nuclear atomic bomb.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Bird of the year

Social Studies

Writing From Different Perspective

why is this road being built. It is being built so people don’t have to travel so far and it will be a good road to drive.       

How much will money will they need to do it. They need 230m   

What will be good about it: That families will be able to have better picnics and be able to travel around the south island faster and FINALLY get some good fish and people will be able to get to the lake quicker and a better / smoother road there and it will get haast some more customers

The road is going through haast to milford sound

Things that a similar but worse: Well 230m is a lot of money and our parents will have to pay for it because of tax but atleast they are spending it on something good like instead of a flag we are getting a new road that more people will use than a flag, I reckon this is a good idea because more people will use it instead of just looking at a flag.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My goals for this year

Rainbow Warrior Bombing

Where did they bomb: They went to the Pacific ocean to find an atoll to put a nuclear bomb on a atoll.

How did they do it: they found the rainbow warrior and dropped a bomb on it so they didn’t go out to the pacific ocean and reck there planning to drill into the pacific and drop a nuclear bomb onto it and it never stood a chance

What did people do: Well greenpeace went there in a boat and the french mean went there and bombed it because they were there with flags say nooooo so the french blown the boat up and carried on.

What did they bomb: They put a bomb on a atoll so there was a massive explosion. And it only killed one person they did it not expecting to have anyone in there there was a lady named Christine Hade  

Where is the rainbow warrior now: On 12 December 1987, two years after it was blown up in Auckland Harbour, the Rainbow Warrior was scuttled to become a dive site. The boat was sunk off Matauri Bay, quite close to the Cavalli Islands.

Fun fact probably Two DGSE officers, Dominique Prieur and Alain Mafart, were arrested on 24 July.

Monday, 16 October 2017

1981 springbok tour.

Held at: Rugby park hamilton (Waikato Stadium)

How it started: the Springbok said the coloured people can’t play because they didn't want to touch the black people because they're that racist

What they were doing: they got a plane and made it circled the park and where dropping smoke bombs flour bombs and flares and one of the flour bomb hit gary knight and made him fall

How did New Zealand break the rules: They broke the rules because the commonwealth countries were not supposed to play the any south african teams

How one the game that was interrupted: The springbok was down by one 18-19 with 15 minutes left but the game got cancelled caused of Smoke bombs, flares, and lots of other violence, it got too dangerous for the players one of them got hit in the head by a bomb. So they stopped the game and the teams went into the changing room with a final score of 18-19.