Thursday, 14 June 2018

Using Basic Python Syntax

Today we have been learning about JavaScript syntax. I learnt about parentheses and also about Case Sensitive. We used both on these on code combat. We also had to learn how to play code combat.We also learned how to use python basic syntax and how to play and use Trinket, On trinket I changed the color and text below it saying 'Lets play together!' And the square below the writing used to be a turtle but I changed it to a square. It was fun because we could joke around with the text.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Greymouth Aquatic Center...

                                                   The Greymouth Aquatic Center NIGHTMARE
Watching and listening to the Aquatic center drama is killing me, driving past hearing ‘bang bang’ when I could be hearing ‘splash splash.’ Going to the basketball courts peeking through the doors trying to see if I can get an idea of the next time I can go swimming, I wondered: Could they have repaired the pool in the off season? The Greymouth Aquatic Center was closed sometime in November ‘’Felt Shorter’’ It’s now March and hasn’t been fixed, When I saw it was shutting down to be repaired I was like ‘’Eh it’ll only take a month but 5 months later’’ I am writing this because it’s STILL NOT OPEN! I understand though because they had to move 620 kg’s of beams, they moved 30 of them, 620 multiplied by 30 is 18,600kg. That is heavy! When the pool closed I think it would’ve been a better idea to close it in the off season, Why? Because you wouldn’t lose as much money because not as many people are swimming but this time of the year the pool is mainly full of people but since it’s closed you go down in money and lose money. I was at a local shop the other day and heard that the Basketball court floor boards at the Aquatic Center is warping, MORE work, hopefully they can be smart this time. AND Think about it before making a decision. The pool is ‘’Appertally’’ suppose to open on the 7th of april. In conclusion, I think the Aquatic Center could’ve been smarter about which time they repaired it.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Cave Stream Challenge #1

                                                      WPCA Challenge #1

Sitting in class nervously thinking who's gonna be in my class and about the cave. 3 cars have already left and I hear my name I stand up and wait for my other classmates that got picked ''At this point, I don't know who'' I get Alex, Jack E, Xavier and Caitlan. I was so scared about the cave but I tried not to show it. When we walked into the cave at first I thought why was I over exaggeration about this but when I walked around the first corner it hit me the cold disgusting water was FREEZING. Halfway through the cave, I was shaking and getting more nervous and wanted to go back but you cant it would be harder than it already was so I pushed through my fear and got to the end. One waterful the current was going so fast it took two peoples shoe with it. When I saw the light I was so happy that I had completed my first challenge. But then there was a ladder it was hard but I did it. I wouldn't have done this without the parents and teacher. Thanks.
 Jack H Year 7


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Referees can't be RIGHT every time

Hi my name is Jack and today I am going to be writing about that Referees cannot make every decision of theirs right! Once my team and I were down by one point in a soccer game, The referee was the other team's coach ‘’I thought that wasn’t fair’’ so I past the ball to one of my teammates and he shot a goal when it landed it rolled along the white line ‘’ If it touches the white line it counts’’ the team and I started to go crazy while the other team is to, our coach walks over to the ref and the ref says no goal my coach got really mad because the goal should’ve counted but don’t forget referees can never make ever call RIGHT. I personally think every professional game should have Gopros on the goal so if it was to win the game or even win the championship the call will be right and no one can be wrong. It would stop lots of fight during the game, people running onto the field because the ref has made a bad call, it can even save the ref their job. One time I was watching a video in class, it was a soccer game the score was 1-2 with a minute to go, the team that was down shot a goal to win and it hit the crossbar and bounced into the goal really quickly then straight out, the ref said no goal and then after the game the officials checked it and it clearly went in and the ref got fired. After the ref lost his job both coaches said he would never be able to make that call right, everyone was saying he shouldn't have lost his job In conclusion I think every game needs cameras so kids don’t get mad, there is no fights and so people don’t lose their jobs. Thanks for reading why I think refs can't always make the right call.

Friday, 27 October 2017