Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Referees can't be RIGHT every time

Hi my name is Jack and today I am going to be writing about that Referees cannot make every decision of theirs right! Once my team and I were down by one point in a soccer game, The referee was the other team's coach ‘’I thought that wasn’t fair’’ so I past the ball to one of my teammates and he shot a goal when it landed it rolled along the white line ‘’ If it touches the white line it counts’’ the team and I started to go crazy while the other team is to, our coach walks over to the ref and the ref says no goal my coach got really mad because the goal should’ve counted but don’t forget referees can never make ever call RIGHT. I personally think every professional game should have Gopros on the goal so if it was to win the game or even win the championship the call will be right and no one can be wrong. It would stop lots of fight during the game, people running onto the field because the ref has made a bad call, it can even save the ref their job. One time I was watching a video in class, it was a soccer game the score was 1-2 with a minute to go, the team that was down shot a goal to win and it hit the crossbar and bounced into the goal really quickly then straight out, the ref said no goal and then after the game the officials checked it and it clearly went in and the ref got fired. After the ref lost his job both coaches said he would never be able to make that call right, everyone was saying he shouldn't have lost his job In conclusion I think every game needs cameras so kids don’t get mad, there is no fights and so people don’t lose their jobs. Thanks for reading why I think refs can't always make the right call.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Social Studies

Nuclear weapons are great so is nuclear power US will lead the world in nuclear products like nuclear warship and nuclear bombs but new zealand is not going with nuclear weapons they going nuclear free what are they going to use to defend themselves if there was a nuclear war  
New zealand became nuclear free in 1987, No one is allowed to have nuclear in new zealand or inside New zealand's border, if they come into New zealand the New zealand navy will get them to leave.
Every step of the nuclear cycle is dangerous and polluting.
Having nuclear powered vessels or nuclear weapons in new zealand raises the risk of an accident

Where did they test bomb:Aktobe kazakhstan Balapan Semipalatinsk  

When did they test the bomb: 1987 december.

What type of bomb: It was nuclear atomic bomb.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Bird of the year

Social Studies

Writing From Different Perspective

why is this road being built. It is being built so people don’t have to travel so far and it will be a good road to drive.       

How much will money will they need to do it. They need 230m   

What will be good about it: That families will be able to have better picnics and be able to travel around the south island faster and FINALLY get some good fish and people will be able to get to the lake quicker and a better / smoother road there and it will get haast some more customers

The road is going through haast to milford sound

Things that a similar but worse: Well 230m is a lot of money and our parents will have to pay for it because of tax but atleast they are spending it on something good like instead of a flag we are getting a new road that more people will use than a flag, I reckon this is a good idea because more people will use it instead of just looking at a flag.